Friday, September 30, 2011

Who is Nilo Pillow?

Name: Nilo Pillow
Gender: male
Birthday: December 23
Character: cheerful and warm-hearted
Interest: travel the world
Dream: to reach the world (196 countries)

Nilo Pillow is a perfect pillow you will surely love to bring anywhere, he is the chosen pillow of those who love to travel. He is made from fibers of both the natural cotton and polyester fabric which makes him huggable , washable and breathable.

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Newsprint Manicure

A simple DIY nail art that can add a twist to your manicure.

Here's how to do it:

1. Layer a piece of newspaper over a polished nail (preferably done over a light shade polish).

2. Press a cotton ball dipped in rubbing alcohol over the newsprint so the text transfers to the nail. Hold a few seconds.

3. Lift the newspaper from nail. Let dry.

4. Finish with a top coat.

What would I give up for an Asus Monitor?

These are the things that I would give up for a new 23" Asus ML Series 229H LED Monitor:

This is my favorite perfume, I would give it up for an Asus ML Series Monitor. I know I can live without perfume but I can't live without "Asus ML Series: True colors in every angle"!

Meet Seon Deok our lovely flower horn fish. She knows how much I love her. We already talk heart to heart, face to face, girl to girl and she understand. I would give her up for an Asus ML Series Monitor. Because she knew how much I needed "Asus ML Series: True colors in every angle". That's why she agreed about the deal, see.... she is such a wonderful and understanding fish!

Maja Blanca is one of my specialty, I keep my recipe as a secret...........oops that's not what you think....... I'm not selfish! It's a secret because this is the only thing I can be proud of. But I would give up my maja blanca recipe for an Asus ML Series Monitor. I will be more proud if I will have "Asus ML Series: True colors in every angle".
Want to know my new tagline? Here it is:
My Maja Blanca recipe is yours, Asus ML Series Monitor is mine!